Sunday, June 3, 2012

Conky Setup With Gmail and MPD cover

Conky is a super lightweight system monitor and status which supports many features. It has been long time since I found a good conky script that satisfies me. So Crawling the net I managed to collect some scripts, combine them, modify them, and finally create some additional ones from scratch.

The Result: 

The Steps: 

1. Download and copy the file from here.
2. Extract the file to your home folder :

      tar xvf qorrow_conky.tar

3. Rename the file _conkyrc to .conkyrc. Also rename the folder _conky to .conky

4. Replace every instance of home directory path in .conkyrc with your home directory.

5. Edit the file replacing your gmail login and password (if you want conky to display your mails)

6. For mpd cover fetching to work properly edit the :
    6.1 Adjust the variables : music_dir= <-- put your mpd music library directory here.
   6.2 coverlovin_script= <-- put the path to the file coverlovin file (recommended   vaule : /home/<your_name>/.conky/

Note 1 : mpc should be installed, cover fetching depends on it.
Note 2 : The file is customized for my laptop resolution, so play with the size and gap values in .conkyrc to adjust it for your machine.

That is it, run the conky : 
conky &